Year Tournament Place
2009 International Open Championship of Bulgaria Plovdiv-Winner
2008 International Open Championship of Belgrade-Co Winner
2007 Sydney International Open,the strongest tournament ever held in Australia 1-2
1995-2006 Participant at many tournaments in USA Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece,Belgium,Norway,Germany,Turkey and Australia with first,second,third places. 1-3
2006 Las Vegas Masters,Usa 1
2005 Charleroi Belgium International open 1
2005 Serbia and Montenegro champioship, category of 11,candidate for National Olimpic team 2-4
1999-2008 Last 9 years second, first board and third board at Yugoslavia first team division ( first board top world players as Beliavsky,Sakaev,Rubljevski,K.Georgiev etc.)
1999-2009 Participant of last seven Yugoslavia and Serbia National championatships
2002 Ikaria Greece International Open 2-5
2002 Korinthos Greece International Open 2-4
2001 Banjaluka International Open, Bosnia and Hercegovina 2-6
2001 International open Belgrade,Yugoslavia 1
2000 Participant of Z onal tournament, FIDE world Championatship,Jerevan,Armenia 2000,Candidate for National Olimpic team 14
2000 Yugoslavia National Championship,Subotica(cat.10) 2
1999 Yugoslavia National Championatship,Belgrade(cat.10) 3
1999 Best result on second board,Yugoslavia first team division(cat.10) 1
1998 Zurich,Switzerland open 1-4
1998 Grandmaster tournament in Sabac, Yugoslavia(cat.9) 1
1998 Grandmaster tournament in Jagodina,Yugoslavia(cat.8) 1
1997 Skopje Open, Macedonia 2
1996 Kavala international open,Greece 1
1991 Keckemet, Hungary closed tournament, category of 4 1

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